• Future Students

    Ensuring better student outcomes through state of the art online education

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  • International Associations

    Collaborating with world renowned academic bodies to reach beyond borders

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  • Scholarship Program

    Providing financial assistance to ensure equal learning opportunities for all

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    Presence in over 130 countries makes education easily accessible to students

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Welcome to Fort Jones

Fort Jones University is a vibrant community of learners engaged in an ongoing effort to achieve distinction in the discovery and transmission of knowledge. Fort Jones University is the one of the leading online institutions providing self paced distance learning programs in industry preferred concentrations to an ever growing population of online learners around the world. The online programs at FJU are renowned for delivering academic excellence - instrumental in the success of its graduates.

At Fort Jones we strive to promote a learning environment conducive to achieving the highest levels of pedagogical impact in the classroom and beyond. Our online classrooms are designed keeping in view the requirements of adult learners around the world who aspire to enhance their academic profiles through further education. We make sure that these individuals are able to realize their dreams through an affordable and accessible education that fits their schedule.


  • Career Center

    Our career services help our graduates find their desired jobs with top tier employers. These services help our graduates find employment with ease.

  • Research

    We emphasize upon research in our academic programs and encourage and facilitate our students to conduct extensive research work.

  • Credit Transfer

    Transfer your previously earned credits towards your current program to expedite your academic process and complete your education in a shorter span of time.

  • Credential Verification

    Avail our credential verification service to have your documents accepted for the purpose of employment or further education anywhere in the world.

Study Options

Explore the diverse range of study options offered by us and choose the one which suits you

• Associate Program
• Bachelor's Program
• Master's Program
• Doctorate Program

Professional Schools

We offer distinction in over 71 different majors offered through 16 accredited schools

• Business and Management
• Engineering
• Health Sciences
• Applied Arts

Expert Faculty

Fort Jones University employs an astounding number of full and part time faculty members to teach and provide exquisite guidance to its student community. The faculty plays an important role in churning out skilled graduates