At Fort Jones University, it is our mission to provide highly affordable education through state-of-the-art means. Our fee structure is designed in such a way that you can study without any financial burden. In order to further facilitate our students in this direction, we have devised certain financing methods that allows individuals to study without the hassle of worrying about their tuition fee. With the help of our scholarship program, credit transfer policy, fee payment options and employer tuition reimbursement programs you can get a substantial reduction in your fees. By utilizing these options, you can reduce your total fees up to a great deal.

Details of all these tuition fee reducing methods are given below:

Credit Transfer

Fort Jones University basically offers two types of credits transfer facility.

Credits for Courses Already Studied

With Fort Jones University's credit transfer policy, you do not have to waste time and money for courses previously studied. We will accept the credit hours of those courses that you have already attended, are listed in your desired program and you have their transcripts. After successful acceptance of your courses, we will reduce the same from your program. This will reduce both your tuition and time required to complete your education.

Flexible Fee Payment Options

For the convenience of students, Fort Jones University has devised 2 different fee payment options to help you pay your program fees according to your budget. See details below.

Upfront Fee Payment

With the help of this option, if you pay remaining fees for your program up front, you will get a fee-cut of up to 14.5% (this fee-cut is other than the financial aid).

Fee Payment in 2 Installments

You can choose to pay your full fee in 2 easy installments. Using this option will entitle you for a 7% discount on your full program fee.

Employer Tuition Reinbursement Program

Many employers around the world offer the benefit of reimbursing educational Tuition fees. Some also reimburse the cost of books. You can ask HR department of your company about this educational benefit. If you need any help for preparing your case for this benefit, you can contact our consultants anytime on our toll free number.


All students who are passionate, meticulous and talented have an equal opportunity of education at Fort jones University beside their financial constraints. Fort jones University believes in providing quality education to everyone, anywhere in the world and to support this noble cause of Fort jones University, we have introduced a special scholarship program, which will give a chance to every individual enrolling with Fort jones to be a part of this financial aid program. Students are encouraged to apply and excel in their domain of specialization so that no potential talent remains behind. This Scholarship program is provided to students after a thorough evaluation of their financial status and their past academic performance

Enroll today with $615 and be eligible for Fort Jones University’s Scholarship Program.

How Fort Jones’ Scholarship Program works?

Fort Jones University’s Scholarship program is an educational present that is given to the deserving students. The tuition fee for the entire program gets directly paid through the University. We offer up to 80% of amount of the entire tuition fees in the form of scholarship; hence students can avail this offer and complete their entire degree program in less than $1000. Every year Fort Jones University invests more than $100,000 in Fort Jones Scholarship program to give equal opportunity to all the students.

Who is eligible for Fort Jones Scholarship Program?

We have made the eligibility criteria and the process for scholarship program, relaxing to an extent that 75% of applicants qualify for it. Working adults, veterans, home-schooled students, job seekers and military officials are usually preferred for approval for the scholarship.

The process is completely transparent and entirely on the basis of merit. You are informed about your scholarship application status at every step of the process. Even before starting your program you will be informed about the scholarship amount you qualified for.

How to apply?

Once you show your interest in the scholarship program, you will receive a scholarship form. After submission of your form the simple process will be activated. Within 3 days of time our committee will evaluate the entire pool of applications and you will be informed once you qualify for it. Your enrollment fee voucher will be made after deduction of the scholarship amount that you have qualified for.

Step 1: Specify your interest in scholarship at time of filling admission application.

Step2: Specify the category for which you qualify. For example, if you are a working adult, then you should select that option when asked.

Step3: Complete the admission formalities.